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We develop software and deliver innovation with technology

Coming from a background in the film, game and web industry, Naivi’s founders Coen Klösters and Bas Korsmit started the company with a focus on tailor-made, high-end software development in early 2015.

In response to the industry 4.0 and a lot of frustration towards the current systems, Naivi released its own framework based on a progressive vision on (new) technologies. NAP Framework seamlessly connects everything. It enables you to connect hardware and software to realize innovative ideas and experiences. The framework is adopted within Healthcare, Robotics, Retail, Art & Design, Automotive, and other key markets.

Our clients such as Philips, Studio Drift, Trimbos Institute, Kroonenberg Groep, Random Studio, Adidas and Toyota build their own products without compromise or any technological barriers. We are constantly developing the framework based on our vision and the needs of our clients. The latest version 0.4 is released on November 2020.

Start building your own NAP app by downloading the package at


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