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Paradiso, ADE, Paaspop

Sjamsjoedin, founding father of Dutch electro sensation Nobody Beats The Drum, took the stage at a sold out Paradiso  to promote his new sound and live act at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2015. We were asked to create a light installation that worked together with his eclectic mix of hardware including drumcomputers, synths and a wide array of effects.

To support such a wide variety of hardware we created a new piece of software that can mix and visualize any number of instruments on the fly, in real time. The visuals had to be responsive and layered without falling back in to pre rendered loops. The result is a 'vj instrument' that continuously interprets Sjam's performance. He can stretch, bend and improvise: the patterns will always follow his movement. Making the entire performance as dynamic as possible.

I know this sounds overly abstract, but imagine jam sessions where both the performing and visual artist are working together as musicians, instead of different entities. Next to being a ton of fun, it changes the way we generally work (separated).

For the show we created a new (custom build) LED installation and placed it behind Sjam. Every LED panel can display one or multiple instruments. This setup allows us to (literally) place an instrument on stage. The kick could be in te middle with a synth on top and the drums on the side. All of this can be re-mapped on the fly, interactively, during the performance.

All the software is written by Naivi in C++, backed by OpenGL. The LED framework is powered by our own NLed framework.