We Develop Software For Creative Projects


Coming from a background in the film and game industry, Naivi’s founders Coen Klösters and Bas Korsmit started the company early 2015 to bridge the gap between creativity and technology. By focusing on tailor made, high end software development, Naivi surpasses the barriers that come with standard software applications, making each project unique.

In the past we worked for Sony Computer Entertainment, Side Effects Software, Guerrilla Games and Cinesite: ensuring years of experience that sets us apart from the others.


Adidas, Toyota, Random Studio, Visionaire NYC, Amsterdam Dance Event, Your Majesty, Tommy Hilfiger, Cadillac, Kroonenberg Groep and more.

NAP Framework

Recently we released our own creative coding framework. NAP is a platform that merges game technology with the flexibility of a creative coding environment. The end result is a platform that offers both stability, ease of use and freedom. We used NAP for most of our projects.

NAP provides a single platform where you can use any protocol (such as OSC, Midi, Artnet, etc.) in conjunction with a procedural 3D graphics engine and flexible sound engine to create real-time content that is transmitted to any device you like. NAP is built to scale up to a large number of output devices: many speakers, many lights, many lasers, many screens.

Want to know more? Get your free copy at: www.napframework.com