After two editions at Amsterdam night club Radion, we continued our collaboration with Antenne in a different location called OT301, a smaller club space with a more intimate vibe.

For this edition we exchanged our trusty LED panels for a newly designed installation consisting out of a heavy duty Kvant laser and three custom built mirror objects. The mirrors reflected the laser's light and movement across the smokey OT301 space, resulting in a colourful spectrum ranging from lush seas of light to extremely precise laser animations. 

In order to be able to control the Kvant in a completely custom, highly responsive manner, we used our NAP framework to write a backend for the Etherdream DAC, the device we used in order to communicate with the laser. As a result, we created an C++ application with a visual interface, that would allow for highly precise mapping onto the mirror objects, with live input controlling movement, speed, animation and color during the night.

The mirror objects were built by frequent Naivi collaborator Neil Chatterjee, who designed an intricate setup consisting out of three panels; two of which were shaped as a pentagon outline with edged surfaces, and one of which was a pentagon shape with a flat surface. The three mirror objects hang from the ceiling forming a tunnel of mirrors through which the laser would either send its beam all the way to the last panel, or have its beam refrected on the edged surfaces before it would reach the end, filling up the entire space with beautiful patterns of light.